How To Add Prayers?

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1. From the homepage, log in with your username/email and password. 
2. You will arrive into your account. Here, you will see the prayer button at the top and your current prayer list. To begin adding prayers, click 'Add a new prayer' on the right under actions. 
3. A prompt will appear with numerous empty boxes and options. Here, you can type in a prayer title, fill out an option description and choose reminder options from the drop down selection, which include: more often, standard, less often and no random reminders. Click on 'Add Prayer' to add the prayer to your list or click 'Cancel' to go back to the landing page.
4. Once finished adding and editing your new prayer, you will be prompted with a bunch of actions on the right side of the prayer. These include:
  • Add a new prayer - repeating the previous option
  • Edit this prayer - editing the current prayer 
  • Mark as answered - mark the current prayer as answered and it will ask you if you want to add a note for your prayer journal related to the prayer, as well as if you wish to continue praying or remove you want the prayer removed from the list.
  • Write a note - Add an additional note for the prayer
  • Delete this prayer - this will delete the current prayer listed, after clicking on delete you will get a pop up asking you to confirm.


To get back to prayer list, click on 'Back to prayer list'.
5. Once taking an action or clicking on back to prayer list, you will be directed to your current prayer list that displays a title and date added for each individual prayer. To take action on a prayer, hover over the prayer and click on it. You can also sort by date, title or importance via the right hand side. 
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